Top 4 Items You Need To Take That Perfect Travel Instagram Photo

Curious to know how to take the perfect travel Instagram photo? Of course on the internet there are ample of travel bloggers, fitness Instagrammers, models and fashionistas that take one great picture after the other. Instagram accounts such as @ootd_travel keep track of the most stunning shots out there. But what is it that some of your favourite Instagrammers always take with them? The answer to that question… You should ask them yourselves. But what I can do, is share with you what you need to bring when you’re travelling for that perfect Instagram photo 😉 

1. A good camera to take the best travel Instagram photo

Of course, you could have guessed the first item on the list that you need to bring for the perfect Instagram photo. It’s a good photo camera. Whether you buy an expensive DSLR camera, one with a flip-around screen and 4K video, or you just shoot with your phone, make sure you know how to use your camera. Know if your camera works well in the dark, with moving objects, if you can film, what the audio is like, etc.

2. A curling iron

…or whether else that you do your hair with. I found out that I significantly like pictures of myself better when I’ve done my hair. So even on a short trip, if I know I need to wash my hair, I’ll bring my curling iron. If I really don’t have any space for it, I’ll bring some scarfs that I can put on my head to still give my hair a creative touch.

3. Have a plan for what clothes you’ll wear on what day for the perfect travel Instagram photo

The third item you need if you want a good travel Instagram photo, doesn’t even require a lot of space. In fact, you can access it from your phone or laptop. It is a plan for what clothes you will be wearing on what day. It does not only help you save space in your suitcase and saves stress in the morning, it will also ensure that your outfit matches the activity of the day. When you go to the desert, wear colours that stand out. Wear a poppin’ pink bikini when you go to a white sand beach with azure blue water. Plus, look at the weather forecast.

This image is a screenshot of the Instagram page of @ootd_travel. She shares pictures of travel Instagrammers who know how to create the perfect travel Instagram photo.
Do you really think the girls on the @ootd_travel account do not plan ahead what they’ll be wearing? Of course they do!

4. A power strip

Last but not least, what I plan on always bringing with me in the future is a power strip. You never know if you will have a plug next to the bed, let alone if there will be enough for your equipment. Or your travel buddy’s equipment. I don’t always take one with me to save space, but often times I regret it. You’ll need your camera fully charged in order to take the best travel Instagram photo!

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