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Top 3 Study Places in Rotterdam close to Rotterdam Central Station

When exam period is around the corner, students from Erasmus University know that finding a study spot in Polak or the University Library is even harder than buying tickets for a Beyoncé concert. A lot of students opt to study from home. However, sometimes group assignments require you to collaborate in a meeting room. Are you looking for the best study places in Rotterdam around Rotterdam Central station? I have my top 3 for you.

  1. Stations Huiskamer

To begin with, ‘The station’s living room’, as this gem would be translated to in English, can be found inside Rotterdam Central Station. This café is the ideal spot to read the articles for your next lecture, have a group meeting, or just have a coffee while watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show on Netflix. There are a couple of reasons why this place is a great study place in Rotterdam. First of all, there is free wifi. But also, the train you or your teammates might be waiting for is just around the corner. Furthermore, the chairs are comfortable, there are plugs to charge your laptop, and you can get a coffee if you want to, but you’re not forced to buy anything. To top it all off, the Stations Huiskamer even provides you with a nice view of the central hall of the station.

Address: Stationsplein 1

De Stations Huiskamer in Rotterdam is ideaal om te studeren vlakbij Rotterdam Centraal station.
Picture by @creativerios
  1. The World

Secondly, just outside Rotterdam Central station on the first floor of the tower Delftse Poort you can find ‘The World’. The World is a self-service restaurant where a lot of Rotterdam’s business people find each other. It is one of the best study places in Rotterdam to combine your lunch break with a group project, or read some articles by yourself. Looking for a quieter space? On the ground floor there are three booths with plugs as well.

Address: Weena 505

Restaurant The World in Rotterdam is a great place to study and for meetings close to Rotterdam Central Station

  1. Nationale Nederlanden Douwe Egberts Café

Last but not least, right next to The World you will find the NN Douwe Egberts Café. This is a student favourite among the best study places in Rotterdam. Lots of people gather here to study, have meetings, or just have a coffee. Of course there is free wifi, but there’s also good coffee and plenty of plugs to charge your laptop. You can reserve their meeting room by calling them on 010 303 28 10. Be swift though, because most timeslots are usually booked at least one week in advance.

Address: Stationsplein 25

Nationale Nederlanden Douwe Egberts Cafe in Rotterdam is een ideale studieplek dichtbij Rotterdam Centraal station
Picture from Google Maps

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