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Romance on Malta: Most Romantic Restaurants on Malta for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a country to visit with your lover? Look no further. Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, has you covered. Great food, nice people, beautiful beaches, bubbly nightlife, and loads of history and culture are ingredients that make Malta a great destination for couples. In this blog I will give you not just one romantic restaurant on Malta, I will give away all five of my favourites.

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1. Ta’ Cassia Salina

Starting this list of most romantic restaurants on Malta off with my absolute favourite: Restaurant Ta’ Cassia Salina. This restaurant, which is a bit off the beaten track, is located in a 180 year old house. The garden in the back is covered by a pergola and surrounded by flowers, trees and plants. The staff is friendly, the food is good and the price-quality is very reasonable. The atmosphere is perfect for both a group of close friends or for couples. The type of food you can get here is a mix of both Maltese and international food, so good for anyone. 

For Valentine’s Day 2019, you can get a 5-course menu at Ta’ Cassia Salina for only €40.

Romantic Restaurant Rating: ★★★★★

Address: Triq il-Katakombi, In-Naxxar

Romantic restaurant Ta' Cassia Salina on Malta is the perfect spot for couples to celebrate Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or for a group of friends to have dinner. The outside area in the garden is surrounded by plants and the food is great.
Picture from Ta’ Cassia Salina’s website

2. Bacchus

The former capital of Malta, Mdina, is already one of the most romantic spots on the island, and therefore a perfect visit for couples. One of the best restaurants to get dinner here, and one of the most romantic restaurants on Malta, is restaurant Bacchus

In this restaurant in Mdina you can sit in ‘the cave’, ‘the barrique’, on the beautiful outside terrace, or in the ‘secret garden’. All spots are equally beautiful and special.

This restaurant is a great spot for Valentine’s Day 2019. The special 4-course Valentine’s Day menu is a mere €37,50. Besides being a good spot for romantic dinners, it is also great for celebrating other things than Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. I celebrated my 23rd birthday at Bacchus, for instance. 

This restaurant definitely gets a 5 star rating on the Romantic Restaurant Rating meter, as it is so romantic that many weddings are organised here.

Romantic Restaurant Rating: ★★★★★

Address: Triq Inguanez, Mdina

Restaurant Bacchus in Mdina, Malta is a very romantic restaurant with a special Valentine's Day 2019 menu
Picture provided by Restaurant Bacchus

3. The Medina

The second romantic restaurant on Malta in Mdina that is great for a romantic getaway, is The Medina (what’s in a name…). On top of being romantic, it also has a great (and cheap!) risotto. You can eat this risotto (or anything else off the menu, everything is made from local produce so you really can’t go wrong) in the main area of this former Romanesque residence, or in one of the side wings. Fun fact: You can check the interior plan of the restaurant on the website.

For €62 you can enjoy the 5-course Valentine’s Dinner here on 14 February 2019. If you’re ready for more than just a Valentine’s dinner, The Medina is also a popular spots for weddings!

Romantic Restaurant Rating: ★★★★

Address: 7 Holy Cross Street, Mdina

One of the most romantic restaurants on Malta is Restaurant The Medina in Mdina.
Picture from Google Maps

4. Barracuda

Restaurant Barracuda holds a special place in my heart. Is it because of its location just over the water’s edge in Balluta Bay? Is it because of the good food? Maybe it is because of the spectacular view of Balluta Bay and Spinola Bay? Or is it because I lived a stone throw away from it, and therefore saw this restaurant every single day? Probably all of the above. One thing is for sure, the combination of these aspects (except for the last one maybe) makes Barracuda a romantic restaurant on Malta. Definitely check the virtual tour on their website to see what I mean.

Barracuda is easy to reach both from St Julians and Sliema. So, if you are staying in one of these cities, definitely pay a visit to Barracuda.

For €58 you can enjoy a 6-course Valentine’s Day 2019 menu at Barracuda. Also Barracuda is a great spot for weddings. Imagine your wedding pictures with the azure blue Mediterranean Sea in the background… I’ll leave you fantasising about that one for a bit.

Romantic Restaurant Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 194 Main Street, Balluta Bay, St Julian’s

One of the most romantic restaurants for Valentine's Day 2019 is Barracuda in Balluta Bay, St Julians, Malta
Picture provided by Restaurant Barracuda

5. Dolce Vita

Last but not least, the second romantic restaurant in St Julian’s is Dolce Vita. This romantic restaurant is located in Spinola Bay, one of the more touristy, yet beautiful bays of Malta. Even though it is surrounded by my other favourite restaurants (Giuliano, 1927, Raffael, to name a few), Dolce Vita is definitely the most romantic one in Spinola Bay. 

I couldn’t find a special Valentine’s Day menu on Dolce Vita’s website, but Dolce Vita’s Facebook page reveals that there is a 5-course menu for €60 after all. However, if you are looking for a nice restaurant to enjoy Valentine’s Day 2019 together with you partner and you don’t want to leave St Julians, this is your go-to place.

Romantic Restaurant Rating: ★★★

Address: 159 Triq San Gorg, Spinola Bay, St Julian’s

One of the most romantic restaurants for Valentine's Day 2019 on Malta is Dolce Vita in Spinola Bay, St Julians, Malta
Picture is from Dolce Vita’s Facebook page

Are you off exploring Malta with your partner soon? Did you find these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments, or on Instagram!

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