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Experience: Restaurant Voltereta in Valencia

A restaurant so special, it deserves its own blog. That is how special my experience at restaurant “Voltereta – Bienvenido a Bali” was in Valencia. Therefore, it is a restaurant you cannot miss during you trip to Valencia and the number one on my list of best restaurants in Valencia

The interior of Voltereta

Let’s start with the entrance of the restaurant. From the street Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, you see a nice wooden panel, plants and teal-coloured tiles. When entering, a sense of calmness surrounds you. You can hear water running below a small bridge that brings you from the entrance to the reception desk. From there, it looks like you enter a Moroccan market before you end up at stairs that either bring you up or down. Check my Instagram Story Highlights of Spain for a sneak peek.

I had dinner in the downstairs area, which I thought was very cool already, but upstairs is where you should really try to be.

Downstairs at Voltereta – Bienvenido a Bali
Upstairs at Voltereta – Bienvenido a Bali

The food at Voltereta

Aside from the cool interior, the waiters were incredibly friendly (and some very good looking).  They calmly explained the concept of the restaurant: a shared dining experience with food from Spain, Asia and Latin America. They separated the menu into a “Vivir es comparatir” (living is sharing) section, a “con las manos” (with hands, or freely translated as “finger food”) section, and “con palillos” (with chopsticks) section. 

Guacamole with nachos and salmon sashimi at Voltereta
From left to right: Salmon sashimi and nachos with guacamole


In the back you see a delicious filled pasta, and in the front cheese fondue

The price

Best of all, the food is super cheap. We ended up paying €45 including tips for three people.

Final #Explorers Tip: Make a reservation in advance, as this restaurant is usually fully booked.

What is your favourite restaurant in Valencia?

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