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My Top 10 Favourite Travel Instagrammers

As a true traveller at heart, I have embraced social media platform Instagram in my daily life. And when I am not travelling or posting jealousy-invoking pictures myself, I wish to be inspired by other world travellers. Now, I will share my top 10 favourite travel Instagrammers with you!

1. My Top 10 Favourite Travel Instagrammers: @aggie

First of all, topping this list, is Aggie, formerly known as @travel_inhershoes. This originally Polish girl is officially based in LA, but is travelling the world non stop. With almost 900k followers, she is famous for her tiny posture, stunning outfits and beautiful pictures. Aside from being an Instagram influencer and world traveller, she has her own swim line @aggieswimwear and she sells her own Lightroom presets @aggiepresets. As you can tell, she is a busy bee and therefore number one on my list of My Top 10 Favourite Travel Instagrammers.

2. @traveltomtom

Second on this list is a male traveller, Tom from the Netherlands! He has been travelling since 2012 and visited over 100 countries (!). He currently has over 140k followers on Instagram and writes about his adventures on his blog.

Bonus for the single ladies out there: Tom is still single.

@traveltomtom is among my top 10 favourite travel instagrammers.

3. @thewayfaress

Thirdly, I really like Alexandra’s account @thewayfaress. This Bali-based beauty not only wears the most stunning outfits at the most beautiful destinations in the world, she also writes inspiring captions and comes across as a genuinely very nice woman. You go girl!

@thewayfaress is among my top 10 favourite travel instagrammers.

4. @finding.jules

Looking for more beauty on your Instagram feed? Look no further. Jules from @finding.jules has you covered. From the beautiful cityscape of Hong Kong to the endless coastline of the Algarve in Portugal, Jules knows how to capture the world and take her followers with her on her adventures. What I like most about Jules’ photos is that she looks very happy in all of them.

@finding.jules is among my top 10 favourite travel instagrammers.

5. @shuutravels

This Shu is made for walking, is what her Instagram profile reads. And that is exactly what @shuutravels does. Most of her pictures have a pink glow that makes you see the world through Shu’s rose-coloured glasses. Shu, never stop exploring. You brighten my day.

Shuutravels is among my top 10 favourite travel instagrammers.

6. @backpackdiariez

With Instagram account @backpackdiariez, you get two for the price of one. Camille and Jean run this IG together and unlike most travel Instagrammers that only put the woman in the spotlight, Camille and Jean from Belgium always pose together. They must be one of the cutest travelling couples out there and I absolutely adore them.

Travel Instagrammers backpackdiariez are among my top 10 favourite travel instagrammers.

7. @pilotmadeleine

With 1.1 million followers, @pilotmadeleine definitely deserves a spot on this list. This travelling business woman, mother, influencer, and fiancĂ© to the gorgeous @iqbalgran spends her days at the beach on the Seychelles, sailing on Malta, visiting her family in Germany, and anywhere in between. A true inspiration for those travelling moms out there!

8. @lucyinthesskyy

Number eight on this list is Lucia from @lucyinthesskyy. Lucia’s pictures have a few things in common: She is almost always at a sunny destination, and she usually wears white or light blue clothing. Other than that, there is such a great variety in her pictures that I can keep scrolling in her feed endlessly. Sometimes she poses with her husband @angelo_ilio, and sometimes with her friends. The most consistent thing in her pictures is that they are always AWESOME. Check her out, you won’t regret it.

9. Top 10 Favourite Travel Instagrammers: @doyoutravel

If you don’t know Jack Morris, do you even travel? As one of the few very good male IGers, I suppose it is no surprise Jack has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram. Together with his beautiful girlfriend who is next on this list, he shares the most beautiful parts of this planet through his lens.

Top 10 Favourite Travel Instagrammers: @gypsealust

Last but not least is Jack Morris’ girlfriend Lauren Bullen, also known as @gypsealust. Having learned the tricks of the trade from her boyfriend, Lauren quickly rose to fame and has a solid 2.1 million Instagram followers herself now. 

@gypsealust is among my top 10 favourite travel instagrammers.


Finally, are you ready to become a travel influencer yourself now? Don’t forget these four items to take with you on your trip for the perfect Instagram photo.

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Melissa is the founder of Hashtag Explorers. She is a Dutch, enthusiastic, and open-minded world traveller. Melissa enjoys her time researching new travel destinations, kickboxing, singing or horse back riding. Her strong desire to experience new cultures and meet new people has led to creating #Explorers. If you cannot find her in The Hague, where she is working as a civil servant, she is probably exploring the rest of the world, where she is reliving memories from the times she lived in Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, and Malta.