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Millionaire (26) is looking for PA to travel the world with him!

Meet the good-looking, hard-working Australian Matthew Lepre. This 26-year old started launching one online business after the other only three years ago, and is now earning millions every year. Do you want to travel the world with him? He is looking for a PA to do just that!

26 year old millionaire Matthew Lepre in Dubai
Source: Matthew Lepre / Instagram

Matthew’s goal is to inspire and encourage others around the world to live life on their terms. He is now looking for a PA to add to his team. Not only will you travel the world with Lepre for free. As his PA, you will earn a minimum of €32.500 per year. Interested? Read on!

In order to be eligible for this job, you need to possess certain traits. To begin with, the ideal PA should be able to multi task, arrange travel itineraries for Matthew, yourself and his team, and have computer skills and social media skills. Additionally, an ideal PA would pay attention to detail, be hard-working, be pro-active and punctual, and have a passport that is valid for at least another 12 months. 

The finalists will receive a message from Matthew and his team on 20 April. You can apply for this dream job here.

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