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How To Get To Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Are you looking for a little bit of unspoiled paradise, or are you looking for a nice getaway to end your trip in Nicaragua? Either way, Little Corn Island is the answer to your prayers. Set away in the Caribbean Sea, this little gem features pristine white beaches, azure coloured waters and very Instagrammable coconut trees. But, this bit of unspoiled paradise does come at a price. It is not super easy to reach. Not to worry though, I have you covered.

Read here how to get to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua!


Step 1: Nicaragua (Managua)

First of all, make your way to Nicaragua. I took a flight from Amsterdam to Managua with a layover in Atlanta. If you want to avoid the US, there are also flights through for instance Panama. Check out the La Costeña website to see from where you can catch a flight to (Big) Corn Island, or make your way to Bluefields and catch a boat from there -this will take you about 18 hours though, so I would advise to spend a little money on the flight.

You might need a hotel for the night in Managua. I stayed at Hostal Monte Cristi for just $30 dollars per night for 2 people. They offer a free airport shuttle, free breakfast, free water, and beers, juices and snacks for $1.

Step 2: Corn Island

The flight to Corn Island is not cheap, usually around $92 one way, but if you call them rather than booking the flight online, you can save a few bucks. I saved about $45 doing this, and it is super easy to book through the phone. Don’t be afraid if you are greeted in Spanish at first, just ask if they speak English (“¿Hablás Inglés?”). Make sure you have your passport ready, as you have to provide them with your passport number.

Plane La Costeña Costena Little Corn Island Nicaragua how to get to Plane Ticket La Costeña Costena Little Corn Island Nicaragua

Step 3: Little Corn Island

Upon arrival at the Corn Island airport, take a taxi to the docks. There are loads of taxi drivers outside offering rides, so no need to worry about this. On the way there we paid 20 cordobas per person, and on the way back we paid 30 cordobas. 30 cordobas is about $1, so it’s super cheap. At the wharf, make sure to secure your ticket for the panga, the boat. This is 140 cordobas per person. Once you have the ticket, you can leave your luggage on the docks and go for some breakfast or lunch in the restaurant next door. 

The panga does give you a bit of a rough ride. I advise to sit in the front. Here the ride is a bit bumpier, but if the weather is good you don’t notice much of this. In the back however, you always get ridiculously wet. And trust me, being on a boat for half an hour with salt being thrown in your eyes every other second is far from pleasant.

Boat Little Corn Island Nicaragua How to get to
The jetty on Corn Island from where the panga will take you to Little Corn Island

So this is how to get to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua! Do you want to go here now? I certainly know I want to go back!

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