Best Restaurants In The World: Personal Favourites

If you like to travel and you like food, we already have a lot in common. When I travel, I like to try out new restaurants and experience different cultures through what they serve on their plates. Because it is difficult to keep track of the nice restaurants where I had the best foodgasms, I figured it was time to write a blog about my favourite restaurants. A living document, you could say. Every time I encounter a new restaurant that deserves a spot on this list of best restaurants in the world, I promise to add it to this list. All of these restaurants I would recommend to any of my closest friends and to my family. Enjoy!

Best Restaurants in Europe

1. Valencia – Voltereta, Bienvenido a Bali

Starting with the restaurant I dedicated a whole blog post to, is restaurant “Voltereta, Bienvenido a Bali” in Valencia, Spain. I had a lot of amazing food in Valencia, but I was most surprised by this gem. Not only because of the beautiful decor and the great food, but also because it turned out to be dirt cheap.

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Address: Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 59

2. Barcelona – Brunch & Cake

Second on this list is a brunch chain in Barcelona, famous for its Instagram-worthy juices, sandwiches, and salads. 

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Brunch & Cake by the Sea breakfast platter

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 189 (but there are several more Brunch & Cake locations)

3. Vipava, Slovenia – Gostilna Podfarovž

Third of all, this restaurant about one hour away from the capital city Ljubljana in the heart of one of the wine regions of Slovenia exceeded all expectations. Upon arrival at the wine farm me and my friends were staying at, we were informed that the only restaurant open that day was Gostilna Podarovž. Assuming it would be just another restaurant, we were mesmerised by the location of it right next to a small pond and river, the tasteful wines and the Michelin star-worthy food. Last but not least, we paid €63 per person for a 4-course meal and 4 different, local wines. Try and get that at an actual Michelin restaurant!

Do try to sit outside, as on the inside there is not much going on.

Gostilna Podfarovz is one of the best restaurants in the world, according to Melissa from Hashtag Explorers.

Address: Ulica Ivana Ščeka 2

4. Den Haag, the Netherlands – Dekxels

I have many restaurant tips for The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch), the city I live in since January 2018, but Dekxels has to be my favourite. Me and my best friends went here for my 25th birthday, making it three times that I have been here in less than a year time.

The concept at Dekxels is simple. A three-course dinner + dessert is €33,50. For this amount, you pick three dishes of the menu. They don’t have a difference between starters of mains, they just have a list with at the top the dishes that are served cold, and towards the bottom the dishes are warm. Every so often their menu changes, and always there are delicious dishes on the menu.

Address: Denneweg 130

5. Rotterdam, the Netherlands – Rozey

An all-you-can-eat restaurant on the list of best restaurants in the world? Yes! This all-you-can-eat vega(n) restaurant definitely deserves a spot on this list. Not only is all of the delicious food at Rozey vega(n), drinks are included with the price of €32,50 during the week and €37,50 from Friday to Sunday. In addition to that, the restaurant is also very modern, the staff is friendly and it is located at 5 minutes walking distance from the train, metro and tram station Blaak. This hotspots in Rotterdam is definitely one of the best restaurants in the world.

Address: Wijnhaven 85


Future best restaurants in the world…

This is the list for now, but I will keep updating with every restaurant I visit. So, stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, check out 

Last update: 17 August 2019

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Melissa is the founder of Hashtag Explorers. She is a Dutch, enthusiastic, and open-minded world traveller. Melissa enjoys her time researching new travel destinations, kickboxing, singing or horse back riding. Her strong desire to experience new cultures and meet new people has led to creating #Explorers. If you cannot find her in The Hague, where she is working as a civil servant, she is probably exploring the rest of the world, where she is reliving memories from the times she lived in Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, and Malta.

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