6 Apps I Use When I Travel

When I travel, there are a few apps I use more frequently compared to when I am at home. Simply because some of them are not relevant when I am living the office life. I’ll now share with you the 6 apps I use when I travel (or right before I travel).


1. First of the apps I use when I travel: been

Do you like those scratch maps that you can put on your wall and can scratch off every country you have visited? This app allows you to do basically the same, but digitally. It’s the easiest way to keep track of where you have been. I often use this app as soon as I set foot in a new country, so I don’t forget to tick it off.

been for Apple and Android.

2. Uber

For some reason, I almost only use Uber when I am abroad. As soon as I arrive at an airport or I need a taxi in the middle of the night, I take an Uber home. And logically, this mostly happens when I am far from home. Am I the only one that mostly uses Uber when abroad?

Uber for Apple and Android.

3. Airbnb

For this one I am cheating a little bit. I do often book an Airbnb before I travel, but I use the Airbnb website for that. Once I have arrived at my destination, I often want to quickly check the address of the B&B on the app. Or, I realise at the airport that I should have checked if there are a hair dryer and towels available, and I use the app for that too.

Airbnb for Apple and Android.

4. Skyscanner

Much like Airbnb, I often use the Skyscanner website at home when I’m looking for a flight. But once I have arrived at my destination, I start looking for more flights to continue travelling, and for this I use the Skyscanner app. It’s handy to quickly look up prices for flights, but I still prefer doing the actual booking of the flight on my laptop.

Skyscanner for Apple and Android.

5. Hopper

Do you know the app Hopper already? With a 4.9 out of 5 star review on iTunes, you definitely should! This app uses an algorithm to predict if the price of a flight you’re eyeing will go up or down, including the date it is likely to go up. Just like Skyscanner, I tend to start looking at flights for my next trip while I am still on holidays. Therefore, I use this app more often when I am away than when I am home.

Skyscanner for Apple and Android

6. Last of the apps I use when I travel: Canon Camera Connect

Last but not least, an app I only use when I am away is this super handy Canon Camera Connect app. Only useful when you have a Canon camera with WiFi, but if you do, it is the perfect way to quickly get the pictures from your camera straight to your phone. Perfect when you’re travelling. 

Canon Camera Connect for Apple and Android

So these were my top 6 recommendations for apps I use when I travel. Do what apps do you use on the road?

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